135th Infantry Regiment Three Player Live Edge Walnut Cribbage Board

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Our beautiful live edge walnut cribbage boards are made from urban reclaimed trees. These walnut trees were reclaimed from urban areas in Northwest Wisconsin and the Minneapolis metro area. The metal pegs are stored in a special pocket, and held in place by a rare earth magnet. Every cribbage board will have naturally occurring character including but not limited to, knots, limbs, small voids, insect holes insect trails, etc. Any character that risks compromising the structural integrity of the cribbage board is fixed with epoxy resin.

The cribbage board does NOT include a deck of cards. Because no two trees or logs are alike, every cribbage board will be slightly different. Lengths vary from 15-16", and widths from 6-12".

The back of this board features a deep engraving of the 135th Infantry Regiment crest. This boards are being produced on a limited basis.

Please note that the colors of these cribbage boards are all natural and unaltered. The natural colors of walnut are a dark heartwood and a white/cream sapwood. The sapwood is the living portion of a tree consisting of the outside ring just inside the bark. This sapwood on every single walnut tree is white. That means if you order a live edge walnut cribbage board, it will have sapwood, and it will be white. Because these are made from urban reclaimed trees that did not compete for light and space like trees grown in the forest, they tend to have a larger sapwood band and therefore more white.

We do our best to make sure each walnut cribbage board has as much dark heartwood as possible but because every single tree is different, we cannot guarantee this. The closer a board was cut to the outside of the log, the more sapwood it will have. You will see this on some of the narrower Walnut cribbage boards. The wider ones, cut closer to the center of a tree, tend to have less sapwood. If you have a preference, please indicate it on your order. Otherwise you could get a larger one that is more dark, or a narrower one that has more sapwood, especially on the bottom.

Because of the huge differences between trees and logs, it is impossible to guarantee the look of each cribbage board. We guarantee you will get a cribbage board in the species you ordered within the dimensions provided that is structurally sound with a beautiful and durable clear wood finish. We cannot guarantee how much heartwood or sapwood your cribbage board has, the color of the wood, how much the colors contrast or match, how many or how few insect holes it has, or how much character the live edge has. We don’t grow the trees, we just cut them. So please be understanding that nature has an infinite number of ways it can grow a tree and make it look, especially the urban trees that we rescue from landfills. Everything we make and sell is unaltered in regards to the colors. Our goal is not to mass produce cookie cutter products that have been artificially altered to look exactly the same, but to make beautiful all natural products that are beneficial to the environment. Because of this, the cribbage board you get may or may not look like the photos provided.