J.R. Salzman Wood Company is located south of Menomonie, Wisconsin in beautiful farm country, about 15 minutes from I-94. Due to the time-consuming nature of the work, all visits are by appointment only. If you would like to shop for a slab or discuss the commission of a custom piece of furniture, contact us to make an appointment. We do not have photos of every slab in my inventory. If you would like to purchase a live edge slab, please make an appointment o view them in person.

Please note we are not a custom sawmill. We do not saw other people's logs. There are ample sawmills around the area that can help you.

Due to the noisy nature of my work, I’m usually unable to answer my phone. Emails and text messages are preferred.

You can call (507) 319-5285 Monday-Sat, 9-5. Please no after hours calls. 

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