House Rules Walnut Breadboard

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Made from beautiful rich Walnut reclaimed from the backyards of Northwest Wisconsin, this 20″ x 6″ breadboard looks great hanging on the wall or at use in the kitchen. With its rich tones and character, this board is oiled and ready to use.

This board has been engraved with a "House Rules" phrase on one side, and branded with our company logo on the other. The branded side is the cutting board side, while the "House Rules" side is the display side.

Because no two trees are alike, there will be slight color differences between boards. Yours may not look like the photos above.

Because most of our products are made from reclaimed wood, some will have slight defects like small splits chips or knots that naturally occur in the wood as the tree grew. Rather than cull these pieces and throw them into a landfill, we believe they add character to an already unique and beautiful piece of wood.